Your Inner Power & Reflexolo-chi

Our bodies instinctively know how to perform millions of healing functions. You have healed through illnesses and maybe even broken bones during your life. Every cell in your body is regenerated within two years. But what if something is in the way of this regeneration? What if you could remove these blockages?
        When we experience illness or discomfort, it is a result of our systems losing track of this innate healing knowledge. Tensions and energy blockages, caused by anything from a physical trauma to thoughts, prevent healing by impeding the flow of nutrients and energy to all areas of your body. Reflexolochi removes the distortion so that your system can access this innate vitality.

Reflexolo-chi Works on Many Levels

The Reflex Arc Relaxes and Restores
Scientific studies have shown that when a reflexologist massages the kidney reflex zone, circulation to the kidney immediately improves. This is a reflex arc -- a stimulus in one area effects another area of your body. Reflexolo-chi accesses these interconnections and provides a relaxing signal for particular pathways in your nervous system. As this relaxation occurs, the messages in your nervous system travel more clearly and the body's systems come into balance. The melding touch of reflexolo-chi allows us to come into rapport with your energy.

We Access Chi/Energy
By working with the nerve centers in the feet, reflexology improves circulation, the nervous system and healing in specific areas of the body. Additionally, reflexolo-chi works with the energy that flows through the body. With this connection, we clear blockages as well as balanced and restore energy flow. Nobel winning physicist John Hagelin has described energy as the skeleton around which matter is formed. Since matter forms around energy, we must balance our internal energy to fully heal.

Healing With Gentle Power
Reflexolo-chi uses gentle power, melding with your tissue to melt away tension and heal areas of your body. It differs from traditional reflexology which often involves strong pressure on the feet that can actually be painful. With reflexolo-chi, we use a gentle pressure to tune in to the needs of your body and work "with it" rather than "on it" like a mechanic. We call this melding. This melding allows us to work in a very integrated way with your body, producing faster and more profound results as well as a much more pleasant session. After a session, I've often been told "I've never been this relaxed" and "I feel like I'm walking on air."
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