Release Yourself from Limiting Beliefs

Subconscious beliefs are like a gravitational pull taking us toward health or disease. While we are not fully aware of these beliefs, we can see the effects. We might see negative beliefs causing a tendency for us to engage in self defeating behaviors and having health issues. Or we may notice positive beliefs keeping us full of life and seeing obstacles as small issues. Most of us have mix of both positive and negative subconscious beliefs.
    When people are unable to sustain changes, they sometimes say they're anchored to their old ways of being. It is the unseen negative subconscious belief that is anchoring them to old patterns. Using Attument and Psych-K protocols, we can change negative beliefs to positive beliefs. You can heal more easily and resolve inner conflict. The results last because we heal the source of the issue.

How We Achieve Amazing Results

First We Determine What Is In Your Highest Interest
We begin with reflexolo-chi, which releases surface tension and builds rapport with your body. As we work, we discuss what you want to heal. We then begin using your body's responses to see what is in your highest interest and which technique will most help you. Most often this work will include a belief statement, which is tailored to fit your needs. Since your body's responses direct us to the right place to work, we can avoid long case histories.

Then We Work With Body & Mind to Integrate New Beliefs
I help you use simple techniques to integrate both hemispheres of the brain and internalize the new belief. Simultaneously, I work with the areas of the body that are most affected by the negative belief, most often using reflexolo-chi. We release tension and energy blockages and restore an optimal flow. For example, we know that grief is typically held in the lungs. Not only does Chinese medicine tell us that; but studies show correlations between asthma and depression as well as smoking and depression. When we are working with a belief that helps a client release grief, the new belief will not only be integrated into the subconscious; but the lungs themselves will release blockages and we will restore energy flow in the lungs. Integrating the subconscious belief work, energy work, and the reflex arc, creates an exponentially larger response than any single technique.
Mind Potential Subconscious Belief