Greg Knollmeyer

Greg has dedicated many years of study to various forms of positive energy work and has found reflexolo-chi and subconscious healing to be an incredibly powerful way to help others. He brings warmth, intelligence and compassion to his studies, and happily shares his knowledge with friends and clients. He shares an office with his lovely wife, chiropractor Diane Babalas.
        Greg is the director of The Spiral Chi Center where he teaches t'ai chi. He has been studying this healing and martial art for a more than a decade and has taught at hospitals, businesses, and other locations. Greg has also studied various forms of yoga and became a certified Bikram Yoga instructor. An excellent teacher, Greg led workshops on management and interpersonal skills at an international book retailer for years before pursuing the healing arts full time.

Words probably cannot convey how wonderful I feel after yesterdays session. I have been walking pain free today, and my whole body feels unwound from the inside out.

- Karen

The visual migraine I had when I came in was gone. I haven't have another one since I received reflexology.

- Jeff, one year after receiving reflexolo-chi

I woke up feeling like I got a new body! I have to admit that your reflexology is like nothing I have ever experienced before and it's amazing!

- Jasper