Transformational Healing

Experience deep healing physically, emotionally, and energetically in an entirely new way. Using Reflexolo-chi and subconscious belief work we can access the perfect design for optimal health that is already within you. By clearing blockages and integrating healthy subconscious beliefs, we unleash the awesome power that is regenerating every cell within your body.


Reflexolo-chi is a powerful healing technique which uses a gentle massage of the feet's nerve and energy centers to relieve tension and support healing throughout the body.
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Healing Minds

Subconscious belief work allows us to change ourselves in deep ways so that we can heal. Our subconscious minds is where beliefs about ourselves and the world connect with the direction of life sustaining body functions. Consider this, Eastern medicine tells us we store grief in our lungs while Western medicine shows a correlation between asthma and depression as well as smoking and depression. The underlying beliefs that we have, like whether we deserve support, can lead us to positive or negative emotions as well as positive or negative states of health. When we unleash the positive power of our subconscious minds, we can attain healing and peace of mind.
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When I walked into the room, every joint in my body was aching and I was a little apprehensive. As Greg was working on my feet, I could feel the energy begin to flow through my body and in my head. I left feeling like I was floating. My joints no longer ached.

- Kathy